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Are you eager to learn how to play the piano? Done with endless looking for tutorials on YouTube? Do you want to learn how to read or improvise? Play your favourite pieces or songs? Then you've come to the right place!

As an experienced musician and teacher, Evelyn knows what her students need in order to fulfill their musical wishes. Learning to get the best out of your playing in a fun, creative and efficient way!


  • Dutch

  • ​English

  • Spanish

  • Latin

  • Jazz

  • Pop

  • Classical


Flexible times

Busy schedule? No problem. Find the time slot that suits you best and you'll be taught how to get to most out of your short studytime! 



Learn the basics of piano playing step-by-step at your own speed with the right technique! Learn how to read notes and play by ear. Start with easy pieces that you like and learn how to coördinate both hands along the process. Know the music you would like to play in order to increase your learning speed and have fun during practicing!



Learn how to develope your skills and get the best sound out of your piano! Subjects such as improvisation, harmonic understanding, technique, grooves, coördination, musictheory and rhytmic feel can be covered. From your favourite jazz standard to latin montunos, or groovy pop chord progressions to modern classical music! Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Yiruma, Bach, Chucho Valdes... you name it, we play it!






Rotterdam/Schiedam Region
*Extra supplement according to where you live.


30 min. lesson

Under 21 yrs. €20,-

Above 21 yrs. €24,20 (VAT)

  • Recommended for children and beginners.

  • Online and offline.

45 min. lesson

Under 21 yrs. €30,-

Above 21 yrs. €36,30 (VAT)

  • Recomended for beginner and intermediate (young) adults

  • Online and offline

60 min. lesson

Under 21 yrs. €40,-

Above 21 yrs. €48,40 (VAT)

  • Recommended for intermediate and advanced (young) adults.

  • Online and offline

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