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Evelyn Vera Gallardo of Ecuadorian descendance but born in Amsterdam, is a world music pianist, composer and educator. Starting to play the piano at the age of 7 she got in touch with her first musical interests. Educated by a classical teacher for a short period, she later switched to pop and church music. Turning only 13 years old, she frequently got asked to play in the sunday church services where she could experience playing in bands for an audience and accompany singers. Later at the age of sixteen, when she met the great saxophone player Delbert Bernabela, she discovered jazz music. Her curiosity took the lead in eventually deciding to study music at the Conservatory of Rotterdam (Codarts) where she specified on latin-jazz music in the World Music Department. Her teachers: Abel Marcel, Anna-Elis de Jongh, Luis Rabello, Thomas Böttcher and Marc Bisschof have been an important guidance during those years at the conservatory, inspiring and giving her tools to develop. During her bachelor she came across other world music genres such as flamenco and Turkish/Arabic music which inspired her a lot and led to joining a world music fusion band called TRICO.

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Over the past years Evelyn has been playing with many distinctive musicians in different music genres, giving her the opportunity to expand her knowledge about music and develop her own sound.  She’s had the chance to perform in places such as: Het Concertgebouw, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, De Doelen, Tivolivredenburg and North Sea Jazz Festival with artists like Bart van Lier, Gerardo Rosales, Delbert Bernabela, Gerard Troost and more. 


Evelyn’s work as a musician exists mostly of performing, teaching and composing/arranging. She started teaching at the age of sixteen to mostly children. Currently she’s teaching at “Your Musiqskool” and "Zang en Muziekcentrum Vlaardingen". More info about lessons


Evelyn graduated from Codarts Conservatory in 2021 and is currently working on composing new music. With her band “Trico” she has just recorded a debut album which will be released soon.

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